Announcing Mankibo

Jun 1, 2022 | News

Holla, please welcome Mankibo. Mankibo is an independent game development studio. We are founded in July 2022. Mankibo is a group of playful manki where we want to share the joy with a lot of people through lighthearted pure fun entertainment. We have a mission to be a place for all manki. A place for everyone who wants to develop a pure fun game. Doesn’t matter your background, or experience. We want to establish a great place for anyone who doesn’t have a chance but has a big determination to grow. We are a group of Manki who respect and care for each other.

Founded Story

Back in March 2022, our Founder Boy Dozan just decide to leave the previous company Joyseed he’s already built for 7 years, wanting to have a sabbatical break. At first, he decides to look for opportunities as a professional. Unfortunately, there are no offers for him.

One day, there’s a courier delivering package to his house. This courier is a deaf-mute, he’s made mistake by delivering the wrong package to Boy’s house. Boy is not realized, that is the wrong package. Later after 3 hours, the courier came back again just to fix his mistakes. Boy just touched by how the courier tirelessly took the responsibility. He wondered with the communication issue, how many mistakes did he do every day? In the ‘No Rules Rules’ by Reed Hastings, there’s a culture for talent density. So the majority of the company trying their best to attract superstars to their teams. Even as an ex Entrepreneur and Forbes 30 under 30, he found it difficult to find a great job. From that experience, He realize there was not much place for ordinary and disability people

Inspired by that, he wants to make a great place for anyone who doesn’t have a chance but has a big determination. Then Mankibo is founded, a place for any Manki who wants to share joy. He believes a team without a superstar also has a chance to win some match.


read: ˈməNGkēbo, Manki – Monkey, Bo – Boo (Surprise)

  • Monkey is playful, cheery, lighthearted
  • Monkey identic with the underdog
  • But monkeys can work really good as a team
  • Peek a boo, give a surprise by giving an innovative experience

What are we doing?

Currently, we are just starting developing our first project with the codename ‘Titan Breaker’, this game is targeted to be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch platforms. We also have a few opening jobs, check them out here and be a Manki!