Who are Mankibo?

Mankibo is a group of playful manki where we want to share joy with a lot of people through lighthearted pure fun entertainment. We have a mission to be a place for all manki. A place for everyone who wants to develop a pure fun game. Doesn’t matter your background, or experience. We want to establish a great place for anyone who doesn’t have a chance but has a big determination to grow. We are a group of manki who respect and care for each other.

Founded Story

Back in March 2022, our Founder Boy Dozan just decide to leave the previous company he’s already built for 7 years, wanting to have a sabbatical break. At first, he decides to look for opportunities as a professional. Unfortunately, there are no offers for him, and he found some purpose from that experiences.

He found out, that every company want to become number one and tried to hire superstars, so he realize there was not much opportunity for ordinary and disability people.

Inspired by that, he wants to make a great place for anyone who doesn’t have a chance but has a big determination. Then Mankibo is founded, a place for any Manki who wants to share a joy. He believes a team without a superstar also has a chance to win some match.

Culture & Belief

Give a chance and hope

We give everyone a chance to work. To those who don’t have a chance, who are small, who are underestimated. But with determination to become better, who will try their very best, No matter, what their previous experience if they want to try and learn. We try our best to provide that opportunity

Take smart risk

Our main priority is making lighthearted pure fun entertainment to our user, so here people free to share their idea, opinion and criticism. Make your judgement and take the smart risk for company best interest. 

Fun environment

We want to make a lighthearted experience for our users, so we must start with ourselves first. So works like you playing, having a fun here.  Here is a safe place to tell how we feel

Winning is not everything, Respect Other

We are on a marathon, always sprinting, and becoming a winner is not everything. How we can sustain and relevance for a very long time. Also respect the others is the way more important here, how we treat other Manki with respect

Care and Teamwork

Helping the others to achieve their goal is important. Not only focus on yourself but on how we can help the others. We are honest to each others, and we are candid when giving feedback. We are believe ordinary people with great teamwork can be an amazing team  

User oriented

To give the best experience in our games, we believe we need to address our user pain point. We are good listener, we try to understand what user want, and how we can serve

Manki Members

Boy Dozan

Boy Dozan


Forbes 30 under 30 Indonesia 2021, Originally Boy Dozan founded Joyseed in 2015 with only $1400 capital, and grow to 18 people, get acquired, and published several games globally. Win the best of 2020 Google Play with Rocky Rampage. Now Boy Dozan starting a new venture with Mankibo, wanting to deliver lighthearted games and trying to live on his purpose




Enter game industry in 2018 as a programmer and founded UNIQX Studio, Prayogo already published several casual games and partnering with several partners in the creative industry. One of his best-published games is Ngopi Yuk! Collaborating with the webtoon author, he managed to be selected in TGFI. Prayogo was selected as one of the inspirational stories in Indosat Oreedo Camp 2019.




Vincent, a young and talented artist who graduated from One Academy Malaysia, has been selected as a finalist for the 2022 Rookie Award. He has a passion for creating engaging art that can be appreciated by people around the world