Titan Breaker Early Prototype

Aug 9, 2022 | News

Holla, this is our second post on the website. We want to update what we are doing for this 1 month. We are working on our first project prototype with the codename ‘ Titan Breaker’, this game is targeted to be released on Steam and Nintendo switch. What is the current project status? Titan Breaker is still in the prototyping phase, we try to validate our idea into a fun prototype. Unfortunately, in our current iteration, we still failed to achieve what we expect about core experiences in the game. We uploaded the current early prototype to Gamejolt and Itch.io to get feedback from there. So feel free to jump to our Gamejolt and Itch.io page.

Titan Breaker

Titan Breaker is a Brick-breaker roguelite game, with deck-building heroes element

You are the last hope of Earth. Troops of Titan suddenly invading Earth. Assemble your hero’s team, and Lead them to defend the Earth from incoming Titans.

The game will combine the brick-breaker mechanics with roguelite elements. There’s a deck-building component on this game as well, so the player can select their deck to beat the games with their build.

What Next

We have some ideas to have major changes from our current prototype and potentially pivot to another idea. But we need a ton of feedback on our current prototype so we can select the best decision moving forward