Early Artstyle Iteration Montabi, our Newest Project

Jan 25, 2023 | News

As the development team behind #Montabi, a monster collection game, we are excited to announce that we are currently A/B testing artstyles for the game. We understand that the look and feel of a game are just as important as its gameplay, and we want to ensure that we deliver a visually stunning experience for our players. That’s why we’re inviting our community to join us in this A/B testing process and have a say in the final look of the game.Artstyle A

Our A/B test will be running on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where we’ll be showcasing three different artstyle options. We believe that all styles have their own unique charm and appeal, and we want to hear from our community on which style they prefer. By participating in this test, players will not only be helping shape the final look of the game, but also be among the first to see what #Montabi will look like.

Setup Discord and Community Channel

Also, you can join our discord channel to involve in our development process. We believe that by working together with our community, we can create a good game. So if you are interested in Montabi update join the discord channel directly or follow us in twitter, gamejolt and itch.io