#7 Montabi Devlog Update

Jun 13, 2023 | News

Greetings, Montabi enthusiasts! It’s time for another exciting update on our game’s development. Since our last devlog, we have been hard at work refining the battle mechanics and making notable improvements to enhance the overall visual experience.

One significant change we made was the removal of the duo TV feature. While it was initially intended to add depth to the battles, we found that it reduced character visibility. As a result, we decided to part ways with it and focus on other enhancements.

Garage and Training System

Our attention then shifted towards implementing the garage and training systems. We started by creating animated training tools and integrating them into the gameplay. We wanted to make the training experiences more immersive and engaging, so we also added visual effects to enhance the overall feel.

Among the training tools we implemented are the treadmill, sandbag, study desk, punching machine, shooting machine, and target board. Each tool provides unique benefits and challenges, allowing players to tailor their training regimen based on their monster’s needs and abilities.

Additionally, we designed the garage, where players can choose various activities for the week, such as training, sleeping, or engaging in recreational pursuits. To ensure players remain focused on their chosen training tools, we experimented with implementing a blur effect, creating a sense of concentration and immersion.

During training sessions, every action yields one of three possible outcomes: a failed attempt, a successful session, or a super successful performance. These results add an element of unpredictability and motivate players to continually strive for improvement.

Polishing Later

While we acknowledge that there are still areas for improvement in the training experiences, we have decided to complete the current loop before fine-tuning those aspects. This approach allows us to maintain momentum and ensures that we address all aspects of the game systematically.

What Next?

What’s next on our agenda? We are currently implementing the next day sequences, play and sleep experiences, and random events. These additions will inject more variety and excitement into the gameplay, providing unexpected surprises and challenges along the way.

As always, we encourage you to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord channel to stay updated on our progress. We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm. Until our next devlog, keep the excitement alive and cheers to all Montabi adventurers out there!