#10 Montabi Devlog: New Animation – Patting and More!

Sep 21, 2023 | News

Welcome back to another exciting Montabi devlog! We’ve just returned from Gamescom, where we had the fantastic opportunity to meet with several publishers. Fingers crossed that we’ll have some exciting news to share in the next 2-3 months!

Pat Your Montabi

Now, let’s dive into the development progress. After shipping out our first playable build demo for publisher evaluation and conducting internal tests, we’ve had some time to refine the monster animations. We’ve added new animations to reflect your monsters’ moods, including tired, stressed, and, most importantly, a heartwarming pat animation. Yes, you can now show your Montabi some love by giving them a good pat. Our aim is to create a relatable experience akin to raising a pet, and these animations play a crucial role.

Revamp Animation

Managing the animations for a variety of monsters, ranging from small to gigantic, presented a unique challenge. We needed to standardize the animations, including hitboxes and other details. As a result, we’ve revamped many of the attack animations to ensure there’s a clear hitbox for each monster. This not only improves gameplay but also enhances the overall animation quality. Say goodbye to those moments where your monster seemed to be punching thin air!

Montabi Stats

In addition to animations, we’ve implemented a detailed Monster Stats UI. This feature allows players to view comprehensive information about their monsters, including their name, age, evolution phase, type, and all the vital stats like stamina. You can also explore your monster’s techniques, swap skill slots, and delve into their traits and personality.

New Concept Art

On the artistic side, we’ve been busy creating concept art for new monsters, including a ninja cat, bingsu ice, traffic light, and a lancer bug. Oh, and we can’t forget the mysterious dragon bug, currently known by its codename. Each of these monsters brings its own unique flair to the Montabi universe.

As for what’s next, we’re planning to enhance our management simulation mechanics with the addition of Heavy Training and the implementation of a food feature. These updates will further deepen the gameplay experience. But that’s not all; we’re gearing up for IGDX Bali this year, and we’re heading there with the same mission we had at Gamescom – to spread the Montabi love and hopefully find some fantastic opportunities.

That’s it for this devlog update. Stay tuned for more exciting Montabi news, and as always, thanks for being a part of our incredible journey!