A Recap of Motion Ime Festival 2023 and G2G 2023

Dec 20, 2023 | News

In December, we took a significant step by participating in public events to playtest our game, Montabi. This experience was not only fun but also pivotal, marking the first time we showcased our creation to the public and received direct feedback.

Motion Ime Festival 2023

Our debut event was the Motion Ime Festival, organized by the Windah Basudara team and held at Gambir Kemayoran. Montabi shared the stage with other notable Indonesia game developers like Gambir Studio, Gamecom, Extra Life Entertainment, Akhir Pekan Studio, Berangin Creative, Khayalan Arts, and many more. The event drew a massive crowd, particularly from those interested in Japanese culture, encompassing cosplay, games, and music. We received valuable feedback on Montabi’s gameplay and design.

G2G Festival 20223

The second event was Gamers to Gamers Festival by The Lazy Monday. This more segmented event provided an excellent opportunity to gather feedback directly from players. The G2G audience demonstrated a mature understanding of basic game mechanics and controls. The booth at Gamestation was constantly crowded, and we received constructive feedback from both the audience and fellow developers.

Our CEO, Boy Dozan, had the privilege of sharing insights and experiences in the game industry during the ‘I Want to Be a Game Developer’ panel at G2G. The event also featured the spectacular Lazy Game Award ceremony, filled with fun and laughter.

Montabi Feedback

After numerous playtests, we gathered substantial feedback. Unfortunately, the current game state revealed fundamental design issues, particularly in the simulation part, where monotony and repetitiveness became apparent. This has prompted us to go back to the drawing board, focusing on improving the core problems in the current build. As the year comes to an end, it’s an opportune moment for us to evaluate our progress and determine the necessary improvements, especially for Montabi.

See you at the next event!